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Day Camps 2024

We provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment for children of all ages. Our camps also offer invaluable techniques and knowledge that help children build their self-confidence while learning an acceptable code of behavior, manners, and discipline. It is a week of camaraderie, friendship and true sportsmanship. We believe that our camp is not only educational, empowering and motivating, but also a superb way for children to spend a fun week full of exciting activities, competitions, and martial arts skill training, all in a structured and disciplined atmosphere! sign up is on a first come first serve basis. Typically, this day camp usually puts students about 2-3 months ahead in their training.  The summer day camp will take place at Yoon’s Martial Arts School, and some activities will take place at a local field. Click here for PDF information and entry form



March 2024 Day camp
March 25 - 29



July 2024 Day Camp
July 8-12

August July 29 - Aug 2

August 2024 Day Camp
July 28 - Aug 2

Sign up: First come first serve, 40 students per camp. This camp is for members and non members of Yoons martial arts school.  It is a great way for members to get way ahead in their training and for non members to become acquainted with martial arts.


  • Camp includes martial arts training, activities, competitions, and character development.

  • Activities: Self-defense, kicking, patterns, nun-chuck training, sparring, games, Korean wrestling,    Bamboo sword, Sparring, grappling, board breaking, nerf and nerf Archery, and more.

  • Bring lunch, snacks, water, running shoes, boots (March camp), appropriate clothing, jackets, cap/hat (summer), sunscreen, bug spray, martial arts uniform (for current students), recreational clothes.

  • Camp capacity: Max 40 students, 6:1 leader-student ratio, smaller ratio for younger students.

  • Friday Competitions: Korean wrestling (March), board breaking (July), grappling (August) at 9:00 am. Students will earn medals for their achievements

  • Camp time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, drop off at Yoon’s Martial Arts school.

  • Preregistration at studio office, forms due by Mar 14 (March), Jul 2 (July), Aug 3 (August).


Preregistration will be available the studio office.  All applications and forms must be filled out and dropped off at Yoon’s Martial Arts School by March 14th, for the March spring break camp, July 2nd for the July camp, and by August 3rd for the August camp option. When spots are full registration will close. 


Contact 403-273-5900 for questions, visit for more info.

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