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Grand Master Byung Ock Yoon

Grand Master Byung Ock Yoon, is the originator of Yoon's martial arts school.  He has been in Calgary, Alberta for since 1975, teaching

Hap Ki-Do to both adults and children as early as the age of 4. Grand Master Yoon has a 10th Degree Black Belt in Hap Ki-Do, with over 75 years experience. 

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About Master Yoon


• Over 70 years of uninterrupted Martial Arts Experience

• One of the earliest Hap Ki-Do Pioneers (post World War 2)

• Former Korean Military Instructor (R.O.K.M.C. & CID) 

• Former Instructor for the Korean Blue House (Presidents Body Guards)

• Winner of Korean Hoshindo Championship 1965

• Grand Master (10th Dan Black Belt) for the Canadian Hap Ki-Do Main School

• President of the World Hoshindo Federation

• Over 40 years teaching in Calgary

• Top Finisher at Instructor School and University in Seoul

• Top Finisher at Acupuncture and Acupressure School

• Tested and trained over 1000 students world wide to the Black belt level

Grand Master Yoon, is also a retired Acupuncture and Acupressure doctor, where he is the Awarded Chairman of the Canadian Chapter, and has also received a Commendation from the International Tong Eui Science Association. Grand Master Yoon is available for Acupuncture and Acupressure sessions by appointment.

Grand Master Yoon has dedicated his life to the practice and development of Martial arts. His theories and practical knowledge far exceeds mere technical aspects of the martial arts. Master Yoon is still active as a Martial Arts teacher and is sought after by many Martial artists worldwide to share his 70 years of Martial arts knowledge with them. Master Yoon has always adhered to strict traditions and only accepts clients who he feels will honor the martial arts and adhere to Hapkido's code of ethics and conduct.

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