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Bobby Triantafillou


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7th dan black belt hapkido

Brazilian jiu jitsu Black belt

7 year running Hapkido champion 1988 - 1995

About Bobby

 Joined Hapkido in 1985.

• Became very passionate almost immediately.

• Throughout all his training he didn't miss a day of regular classes, in fact he received many yearly awards for attendance.

• Was Hapkido Tournament Champion for 7 consecutive years.(1988-1994)

• 1990, He earned his Black Belt 

• At the age of 16 he started teaching Hap Ki-Do at Community Centers throughout the city.

• 1994 he earned his 2nd Dan Black Belt.

• At 18 he started teaching at Master Yoon's Studio Part-Time while he was going to College.

• Was CFCN Athlete of the Week 1992.

• 1997 earned his 3rd Dan Black Belt and also started teaching at Master Yoon's Studio on a Full-Time basis.

• 1997 graduated from Mt. Royal College in Marketing Management.

• 2000,  he received his 4thDan Black Belt.

• 2006,  he received his 5thDan Black Belt.

• 2006 he received the rank of (Level 3 coach) under Greek Pankration confederation of Canada,

• Assistant Coach and Competitor for team Canada in the 2006 Pankration (amature MMA) World Championship

• 2008 Started Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

• MMA coach with a great track record. Team name Aetos pankration

• 2010 Sarasota WBJJA Sarasota Brazilian jiu jitsu gold medal.

• 2012  CBJJF B.C Open provincial jiu jitsu champion gold medal Blue masters division.
• 2016 Bobby Was awarded 6th and 7th Dan Black belt, by Grand Master Byung Ock Yoon with a score of 85/90 points
• 2022 Bobby received his BJJ Black belt under professor Josh Russell, who is a  Black Belt under Master Carlos "Carlinhos" Gracie Jr. 

Bobby is also a high level personal trainer, and the owner of Athlima Fitness, Bobby is now working with select clients on a application basis. To find out more contact Bobby at Athlima Fitness (403) 607 1992.

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