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Our Vision

Our vision is to unite with  people of all ages in our community. Those who share in our goal of all  martial arts principles, virtues and self defence.

Through the participation of classes at Yoon's Martial Arts School, we hope our students will achieve a sound body and mind; Along with a balanced approach to self defence, that goes beyond physical combat.  We would like to instill virtues such as discipline, confidence, manners and endurance, so the student will have a firm foundation to face the many  challenges of life.

We are inspired by students who commit themselves to make a difference in their lives through martial arts practice. As our slogan states: "where tradition meets function" we are committed to teaching and upholding the traditional virtues of martial arts. While implementing practical and effective techniques that will truly empower students. In turn, students will feel confidant if they are ever confronted. We will endeavor to carry forward our vision and goals for generations to come.

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Childrens classes

Yoon's martial arts school children's martial arts programs can offer a fun and engaging way for kids to develop physical, mental, and social skills while also learning valuable self-defense techniques and gaining a sense of confidence, manners and achievement.

kids classes

Teen and Adult classes

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. What are you waiting for? Book a session today!

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Day Camps 

Yoon's Martial Arts offers summer day camps that are unparalleled in the city! We provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment for children of all ages. Our camps also offer invaluable techniques and knowledge that help children build their self-confidence while learning an acceptable code of behavior, manners and discipline. It is a week of camaraderie, friendship and true sportsmanship. We believe that our camp is not only educational, empowering and motivating, but also a superb way for children to spend a fun week full of exciting activities, competitions, and martial arts skill training, all in a structured and disciplined atmosphere!
sign up is on a first come first serve basis. 

Accepting 40 students per camp

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What people are saying


Laura Carroll

I would recommend EVERYTHING about Yoons! My son lives and breathes hapkido and it's because he's found a place that encourages, pushes, lays a foundation to build on and provides a safe environment for our kids. He has learned to defend himself which is beyond fantastic but he's also learned there are no limits except the ones we place on ourselves. This is so much more than a martial arts school, it's a way of life and a family. I can't express how much it means to our family, thanks Master Bobby for all you do for our kids!!!!!

day camp

Balwant Singh

Love it, Bobby is doing very well I think it is lucky to have instructor like him. He is best what he is doing. Thank so much kids are learning a lot out of it not just martial art but also good manners, moral values and much more.

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Anthony and Adam S.

In these everchanging times, the way of life that we had grown accustomed to has certainly changed and it’s anyone’s guess as to what the details of our future  look like.  How we accept these changes, is however completely within our control.  I have consciously made the decision to make the best of the situation and use it as an opportunity to continue to develop my personal growth as an individual and within my community.    As a strong and valued member of our community, Yoon Martial Arts School, has risen to the occasion and done ‘their part’ to provide as much structure and support for their students to continue to develop their physical and mental discipline in the study of Martial Arts.  Master Bobby has provided us with everything we could possibly ask for to take advantage of these times as an opportunity to move forward in our training and maintain the Hapkido mantra, of hard work and discipline to obtain results, that has guided us so strongly thus far.  The online videos make learning easy and exciting as they are detailed and always energetic.  My brother and I chose to accelerate our hapkido learning with the online curriculum support.  Once my brother and I have learned some material we send in our videos of our performance for Master Bobby to review and provide feedback with corrections and explanations. Master Bobby is extremely responsive to these videos, sending back his specific and helpful clarifications and corrections .  Master Bobby sends back videos of His comments quickly and in detail making our corrections simple.  How much we wish to train, how fast we wish to accelerate, is completely within our control as Master Bobby has certainly been there every step of the way supporting our learning and maintaining the quality of training we have grown to expect from him.  This online training has provided individual, one on one training with Master Bobby – an opportunity that has been priceless for my bother and I -we have accelerated our learning immensely and have tested for belts.  The opportunity is there for all students to continue their training and test for the next level belt feeling confident that you have learned the material to the best of your ability.  If you chose to take advantage of this situation I have come to learn first hand that the rewards are numerous; I am grateful to Master Bobby for providing everything we need to not only continue our Hapkido journey but to actually thrive within it.   AJ

Master Bobby Triantafillou hapkido


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