Dear Parents and Students,  

If you are not competing and received this email in error, let us know ASAP

Details and categories for the 36th Annual HapKi-Do Championship are now complete.  Understand that I have worked diligently in order to figure out how to make these categories as fair, but at the same time, as challenging as possible.  Please remember that there is no true victory without effort.  

Follow this link to download 2 pdf. Brackets and competitors | 36th Annual Hapkido Championship ( one lists the competitors by team and ring # and the other lists the names in alphabetical order by first name.  If you do not locate your name let us know ASAP All students have been assigned a mat number and a team (category) number, you will find the layout of the gym by clicking here, You will be able to easily locate your child(ren)'s mat location in the gym using this document.  On the day of the tournament, please write your child's TEAM (Category) NUMBER on their forearm (well above the wrist) with a permanent marker.  The mat number will be pretty consistent throughout the day. However, it may change as we close out divisions.

Referees, Judges and volunteers
Here you will find a dedicated page, with your Duty and ring #.  thank you for making this all possible Volunteers | 36th Annual Hapkido Championship (  If I missed anyones name, please let me know ASAP

I would like to strongly emphasize that there should be NO COACHING of the competitors from the sidelines or stands! It is imperative that everyone is respectful of this rule. We have a zero tolerance policy for any aggressive and vulgar shouting towards anyone at the tournament. Please do not stand on the bleachers or obstruct the view of other spectators.  

Remember: "Proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory." 

Tournament Day Reminders:

What to Bring: How to get to the event and where to park:

As you know, the tournament will be held at the Genesis Center, located at 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE. There is ample parking located outside this facility. There are two entrances to get into the Genesis Centre. The South Main Facility Entrance, and an entrance on the N.E side of the building. The most convenient parking would be the N.E side, however either will be suitable. We will have signage at each entrance that you can follow to easily reach the feature gym, where our tournament will be held. 

Please also keep in mind that we will be closed on Friday, November 11th for tournament set up and remembrance day.

I would like to thank all of our judges, referees, and volunteers in advance for the consideration of stepping forward and making your precious time available to us.  Your willingness to volunteer is wholeheartedly appreciated.

Yours in good health, 

Master Bobby

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